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What is payroll input?

Payroll input refers to all the pay components, such as base salary, expenses, pay supplements, allowances, unpaid time off, etc., that are included in the payroll of an employee prior to payroll processing.

What kind of payroll inputs can I find on the payroll module, and who will be included for active payroll input?

In the 'Active payrolls' section of the 'Payroll' module, you can find the employees included for payroll, in that particular pay cycle (monthly, semi-monthly & bi-weekly, if applicable).

You can easily review payroll inputs such as base salary, fixed allowances, expenses, pay supplements & unpaid time off at an individual employee level. Note that expenses, pay supplements, and unpaid time off must be approved before the cut-off date to be included for payroll processing.

If a new employee is not included in the active payroll, the employee's onboarding might still be pending. Please ensure you expedite onboarding to activate the employee for payroll.

If an employee has been offboarded, you can still view their information in the active payroll. Once the last working day (LWD) has passed, the contract status will change to 'Ended', and the information will no longer be available on the payroll module.

What should I do if I find an error in the employee payroll input (base salary, pay supplements, expenses, unpaid leaves, etc.)?

If you notice discrepancies with the payroll information or have any queries, please click on the 'Need help' button shown below to reach out to our support team by email or book a calendly meeting.

What if I missed reviewing the active payroll for the month?

Reviewing the upcoming payroll input details is an integral step before payroll processing. It helps you stay in control and ensure that the payroll details of all your employees are correct.

In case of discrepancies, contacting us for any payroll input changes before the cut-off date is advisable. This would include new hires, expenses, pay supplements, fixed allowances, and unpaid leaves.

If you miss reviewing the active payroll for the pay cycle, rest assured that we will process the salaries and other payments as per the active payroll data.

However, if you still need to add new or additional payroll inputs after the cut-off date, please contact your dedicated CSM to avail the below options:

  • All new hire onboardings, which come after the 10th of every month, will be processed as a 60% advance amount along with the regular management fee.

  • All pay supplements and expenses which come after the 10th of the month will follow the below options:

- Processed in the subsequent payroll cycle.

- Processed as an off-cycle with the applicable off-cycle fee per run.

What if I find an employee missing in the active payroll data and want to include the employee in the pay cycle?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) immediately. You can click on the 'Need help' button in the 'Payroll' module to contact the support team by email or book a calendly meeting.

Note - If your employee’s onboarding has not been completed yet, the employee will not be included in the active payroll.

What if I want to remove an employee from the active payroll?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) immediately. You can click on the 'Need help' button in the 'Payroll' module to contact the support team by email or book a calendly meeting.

How can I view past payroll information?

Currently, we don’t have this feature. But don’t worry, our team is working on it at the moment, and it will be made available soon.

What happens after I review the payroll inputs?

Once the payroll input cut-off date (the last date to review payroll inputs) has passed, the payroll status will change to ‘Processing’. During this stage, you will be able to see the expected timeline of payroll report generation on the platform.

When the report is generated, the payroll status will change to 'Completed'. At this stage, you can view a payroll report summary & download a detailed payroll report that is closely tied to that particular pay cycle.

Why should I consider payroll input review a priority?

When you review the payroll input, you can ensure that your employees will be paid accurately and on time. Please find below the payroll stages with timelines for employees who are on a monthly & semi-monthly pay cycle.

Once the payroll input cut-off date for a particular cycle has passed, no further changes can be made to the payroll. Therefore, any changes or additional pay components will need to be included in the next payroll cycle.

What information does the payroll report entail?

A. Analyse the Total Payroll cost for each member across all countries, which is depicted by summation of the Gross salary and Employer contributions.

B. Net salary paid to the employees is made available for review, which is depicted by Gross salary minus Deductions for the respective pay cycles.

C. Complete picture of the Payroll output is made available on the platform as per the payout to the employees

D. Raise concerns in case of discrepancies in the Payroll output with your respective CSMs

How can I download payroll reports?

Once the payroll has been processed, you will notice the payroll status change to ‘Completed’ in the payroll module. Click on ‘View Payroll’ to view a breakdown of each employee’s payroll, as shown below. The payroll report summary will give you the breakdown of the following:

  • Gross Salary (a)

  • Employer Contribution (b)

  • Total Payroll Cost (a + b)

  • Employee Deductions (c)

  • Net Salary (a - c)

You can also download this report to view a more detailed breakdown of what went into each employee’s payroll in that specific pay cycle.

Alternatively, you can access payroll reports from the ‘Reports’ module under ‘Organization’ in the left sidebar. Under ‘Payroll Report,’ select the month, year, and country you want to download the payroll report for and click on ‘Download.’

How should I raise my concerns if there are any mismatches between the payroll input and report?

If you notice any inconsistency between the payroll input that you reviewed and the payroll report, you can raise the concern with your respective CSM. After reviewing your concern, our team will share the next steps as appropriate on a case-to-case basis.

What are the payroll cycles for which payroll input is available on the platform for review?

You can access the payroll input of monthly, semi-monthly, and bi-weekly pay cycles that can be reviewed before the payroll input cut-off date.

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