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How to onboard a contractor on the platform via AOR?
How to onboard a contractor on the platform via AOR?
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Hiring independent contractors worldwide using Multiplier’s Agent of Record solution protects you from misclassification risks that vary from region to region.

To get started with Multiplier’s AOR, you must:

  1. Enter the contractor’s details on the platform.

  2. Review the ‘Order Form’ and send it to the signatory for signature.

  3. Once the Order Form is signed, an ‘Independent Contractor Agreement’ will be sent to the contractor for signature.

  4. The contractor must sign up on Multiplier and submit their details.

  5. Once verified, the contractor will be activated on the platform.

Continue reading for a step-by-step guide on how to onboard a contractor on the platform.

Step 1: Click on the “Hire and Onboard” section on the sidebar.

1.1: Click on “ Onboard a contractor”.

Step 2: Select the country & state (wherever applicable) of the contractor.

Step 2.1: Next, you must select AOR as the type of engagement with the contractor among the 2 options:

  • Agent of Record: A solution that mitigates misclassification risks and, once selected, makes Multiplier the Agent of Record (AOR) of the contractor.

  • Pay a contractor: A solution that facilitates contractor invoicing and payments in over 120 currencies.

2.2: Click on ‘Continue’.

Note: AOR is not applicable in a few countries for compliance reasons.

Step 3: Enter the basic details such as Name, Gender, Email ID, City, Address, Phone Number, Pincode, Agreement Start and End Date, Job Title, Contract Duration, and Job description/Scope of work.

3.1: Once all the details have been filled, click on “Continue” in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Next, you must fill in the compensation details.

4.1: Enter the billing rate of the contractor. This will be the amount the contractor charges for their services for a specific duration. There are 4 billing rate options available - Hourly, Daily, Semi-Monthly, and Monthly.

4.2: Select the payout frequency. This is the frequency at which the contractor will be paid for their services. There are two options available for payout frequency:

  • Semi-monthly

  • Monthly

4.3: Select the payout date. Payment to the contractor will be initiated on this date. (Payment initiation on this date is subject to invoice clearance by the admin/organization).

4.4: Add any additional pay components if required.

Step 5: Select the insurance plan for the contractor and include dependents, if required, and click on ‘Continue’.

Note - Offering insurance to contractors is optional.

Step 6: Fill in the “Notice Period”.

You will be invoiced a one-time deposit equivalent to the contractor’s compensation during the notice period. For example, for a notice period of 2 months, you will be charged a security amount equivalent to the contractor compensation of 2 months.

6.1: Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Note: Deposit payment is mandatory for contractor activation on the platform.

Step 7: Review the ‘Order Form’ and click on ‘Send Order Form’ to send it for the signatory’s signature.

Once the signatory signs the order form, we will send an Independent Contractor Agreement to the contractor.


An Order Form is signed between the company and Multiplier.

An Independent Contractor Agreement is signed between the contractor and Multiplier.

7.1: Once the contractor has signed the Independent Contractor Agreement, they will receive an email with the instructions to sign up on the Multiplier platform. The contractor must submit their personal, KYC, and bank details. Our team will verify the contractor’s details and activate the contractor on the platform.

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