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  1. What is employer-employee contribution in insurance?

In some countries, the platform facilitates you to split the insurance premium cost with the employee during onboarding. You can select the percentage that you will contribute, and the percentage that the employee will contribute will be auto-calculated.

For example, If you select the employer contribution percentage as 80%, then employee contribution will be 20%.

If you wish to contribute the entire premium amount, then you can select employer contribution as 100, which will automatically calculate employee contribution as 0%.

2. How does the insurance invoicing calculation work?

Once insurance has been opted for, Multiplier will enroll the employee under the insurance plan, effective 1 year (for permanent contracts), irrespective of the employee’s start date with the company. The employer will be billed for one year (annually) in all countries (except the USA).

For employees in the US, the billing frequency is monthly, Multiplier will raise insurance invoices every month.

Note -

In the case where the employee is also contributing to the premium, i.e there is a split between the employer and employee for the premium, the deduction of the premium amount will be made from the employee’s salary and will be a part of the payroll.

3. How does the insurance refund policy work?

Multiplier will refund the premium amount on a pro-rata basis for the unexpired period (calculated monthly). For example, an employer is billed a $1200 premium for 1 year ($100 per month) for an employee. But if the employee joins on the 1st of January and is offboarded on the 30th of April, then the premium for the remaining 8 months, i.e, $800 that the employer was initially billed, will be refunded.

4. What is the process for canceling an insurance plan?

As an employer

If you wish to cancel the insurance of an active employee, you must reach out to your respective CSM, and we will cancel the insurance of that particular employee. You can also reach out to us with your request at benefits@usemultiplier.com.

Note that if an employee’s contract has ended, the insurance will automatically be canceled by Multiplier as per the last working day.

As an employee

If you wish to cancel your insurance, you must reach out to your employer with the request, and Multiplier will cancel the insurance once the employer informs Multiplier. You can also write to us with your request at benefits@usemultiplier.com with your employer in cc.

5. How can I add mental wellness program to my existing employee’s insurance plan?

You can do so by- topping up the existing plan with USD 10 per month. You can get in touch at support@usemultiplier.com by mailing the request.

Note -

The mental wellness program is currently available in certain countries.

The mental wellness program is applicable to employees only. Dependents are not covered under this program.

6. How to contact the insurance partner for any queries/clarifications?

As an employee, if you have an activated insurance plan but are not sure how to find answers to your questions, you can access your insurance details and get your clarifications resolved in the following ways:

  • You can check the Multiplier platform to view all details regarding your insurance under the ‘benefits’ tab from the left sidebar.

  • If you are unable to contact the insurance partner, you can get in touch with Multiplier’s benefits team by sending an email to benefits@usemultiplier.com, and remember to keep your employer in cc.

  • In case the emergency contact details are not visible on the platform, alternately, you can contact the insurance company directly through the insurance website/ app, depending on the specific country.

7. How can an employee access a health card, and when will it be activated?

Multiplier will send a confirmation email when insurance is successfully activated. The email will also consist of the mobile app link and web page of the insurance provider. As an employee, you can log in on the platform/app and access your health card.

After onboarding completion, insurance activation will take 7-10 business days. Once activated, you can access the insurance provider's details on the platform from the 'Benefits' module.

8. How can I change my personal details in insurance?

As an employee, if your health ID is activated and you need to change your personal details entered for the insurance plan, you must contact support@usemultiplier.com with your request.

If the health ID is not yet activated and you have changes to make, then once the activation is done, you can request changes by following the above process.

9. How to claim hospital bills?

For cashless claims, you must directly reach out to the insurance provider.

For reimbursement claims, you must reach out to the insurance provider and

keep Multiplier in cc to ensure a seamless reimbursement claim process.

Insurance support contact details are available in the step-by-step guide (onboarding kit). This can be downloaded from the insurance tab on the Multiplier platform.

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