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How to approve/ request changes to the timecards submitted by the employees
How to approve/ request changes to the timecards submitted by the employees
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Managing employee timesheets on Multiplier is simple and intuitive. To approve/request changes to an employee timesheet, follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Click on “Timesheets” under the “Administration” section on the sidebar.

You will see all your employees, sorted in the order of maximum -> minimum days to approve.

Step 2:

On clicking on any 1 employee, you can find all the pending timecards for the employee under the ‘Pending’ tab, all approved timecards under the ‘approved’ tab and all rejected timecards under the ‘Rejected’’ tab.

Step 3:

  • To review the hours clocked for each day, you can view the start time and end time for each day, along with the total hours worked in the respective column.

    • You can hover over the hours worked to get more inputs on if there was any OT works/ NSD works etc.

Step 4:

  • Once you have reviewed the hours for each day, you can either approve the days one by one by clicking on the “tick mark” OR multi-select all days and approve everything via the floating action button at the bottom

  • In case you want to reject a particular timecard, you can click on “X” icon and add a suitable reason and reject the same

    • Enter what the employee needs to change on the timesheet and the date on which the change needs to be made.

The timesheet will be sent to your employee, the employee can then incorporate the changes suggested. Once that’s done, the timesheet will be sent back to you for approval.

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