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How to onboard a Contractor?
How to onboard a Contractor?
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Onboarding a Contractor

Onboarding contractors or freelancers on Multiplier is effortless. In a few simple steps, you can onboard contractors worldwide through the Multiplier platform.

To onboard contractors on the platform, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click on the “Hire and Onboard” section on the sidebar

Step 2: Click on “Onboard a contractor”

Step 3:

3.1. Enter basic details such as Name, Gender, Email ID, Tax Residency, Job Title, Contract Duration, and Job description/Scope of work.

3.2. Once all the details have been filled, click on “Continue” in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Choose the Compensation type

There are 2 compensation types with which contractors can be onboarded: Time-based & Milestone-based(coming soon).

For time-based contractors:

4.1. Enter the billing rate of the contractor. This will be the amount the contractor charges for their services for a specific duration. There are 4 billing rate options available - Hourly, Daily, Semi-Monthly, Monthly

4.2. Select the payout frequency. This is the frequency at which the contractor will be paid for their services. There are two options available for payout frequency:

  • Semi-monthly

  • Monthly

4.3. Select the payout date. Payment to the contractor will be initiated on this date (Payment initiation on this date is subject to invoice clearance by the employer).

Step 5: Select the insurance plan for the contractor and include dependents, if required.

Note - This step is optional.

Step 6: In this step, you can generate/upload a contract. You can either use:

6.1. Multiplier’s contract, or

6.2. Upload your own contract

Note: In case you are uploading your own contract, ensure that the contract is duly signed by you and the contractor.

Step 7: Review and Send Contract

After you send the contract, the contractor will receive an email with the instructions to signup on the Multiplier platform

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