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How do I onboard a new hire?
How do I onboard a new hire?

Inviting new international employees & freelancers

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Onboarding a new international hire is very simple to do on the Multiplier platform.

  1. Go to the Hire & Onboard screen, select the type of employee you want to onboard (We currently support freelancer & full time / permanent employee options), and provide the basic details of the employee & their job role. It should take your 5 mins.

  2. Once you finish the above steps, we will work with the employee to onboard them & send you a locally compliant employment contract to review & sign.

  3. Throughout the process, we guide you & your employee regarding the local payroll laws, tax computations & any other local laws that are involved with your employee's resident country.

  4. You will receive an invoice for a one-month deposit for your new employee.

  5. Your new hire will be set up on the local payroll so that they are paid in their local currency on a timely manner.

Wondering about the various costs associated with employing someone in a foreign country? We made this handy tool for you to immediately calculate the payroll breakdown and other contributions associated with every country.

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