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How to manage Contractor Invoices?
How to manage Contractor Invoices?
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Managing Invoices

Managing contractor invoices on the platform is now simpler and more intuitive. You can review and approve or reject invoices in a few clicks on the platform.

To manage your invoices seamlessly, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click on “Contractor Invoices” under the ‘Administration’ section in the sidebar.

Step 2: Review the invoices under the ‘Pending’ tab and select the contractor invoices you want to approve or reject.

2.1: You can approve the invoices by clicking on the ‘Approve’ button.


2.2: The approved invoices will appear under the ‘Approved’ tab. You can then proceed with payment by clicking on ‘Proceed to pay’.

2.3: In case of discrepancies, you can reject the invoices by clicking on the “Reject” button.


2.4: While rejecting an invoice, you can choose the reason for rejection, which will be communicated to the contractor.

Invoice status guide:

The invoices can be in the following statuses:

To pay a contractor after approving invoices, refer to this article: How to pay Contractors?

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