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Invoicing and Payments - The Contractor's Guide
Invoicing and Payments - The Contractor's Guide
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Multiplier simplifies contractor onboarding, invoicing & payments. Our platform enables contractors and freelancers to get paid promptly in their respective local currencies.

Platform Capabilities

Using the Multiplier Platform, you can:

  1. Create and send invoices in seconds

  2. Edit/revoke invoices till the employer has initiated the payment

  3. Download the invoice as a PDF

  4. Manage all the invoices in a single place


Raising an invoice on Multiplier is simple and straightforward. With the enhanced flow, contractors can:

  • Create an invoice with basic details such as name, invoice description, work duration & the total amount

  • Submit the invoice once all the relevant details are filled in

  • Find the invoice on the ‘Pending’ tab of the invoices section

  • Edit and revoke whenever needed

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it works - How to create a contractor invoice?

Note - The total amount will be auto-calculated based on the billing rate agreed upon between you and your employer and the duration you are raising the invoice for. However, the amount can be edited prior to submission (if needed).

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