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How to access credit notes on the Multiplier platform?
How to access credit notes on the Multiplier platform?
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If you have been issued a credit note from Multiplier, you can view the details of that particular credit note on the ‘Invoice Payments’ module.

To view all your available credit notes and understand which invoices they have been applied to, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Credit notes’ button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Next, view all the available credit notes with details such as issue date, credit issued, credit remaining, and the invoices the credit has been applied to so far (if applicable).

Note that you can download a credit note by clicking on the icon under ‘Action’.

2.1: If you’d like to apply a credit note to a particular invoice(s)/ payment bundle, please contact your customer success manager or email us at

Once the credit note has been applied to an invoice or bundle, any remaining balance must be paid by the due date.

2.2: Click on the respective credit note’s invoice information as shown below.

2.3: The invoice information will display as shown below if the credit note has been applied to certain invoices. You can view the invoice name, amount, and amount due (if any).

2.4: To view the credit notes applied to invoices previously, navigate to the ‘History’ tab.


  • Only credit notes that have been exhausted completely will appear under the ‘History’ tab.

  • Credit notes issued and exhausted in the past (before Sep 2023) will not reflect on the ‘Credit notes’ page.

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