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How to sign up and submit my KYC details on the platform?
How to sign up and submit my KYC details on the platform?
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Sign up on Multiplier:

  • After signing your employment contract, you will receive a sign up email from Multiplier

  • Click on the ‘Get started’ button and set the password to sign up on the platform.

Submit KYC Documents:

  • You must fill in personal, legal, and bank details

  • In case you require any support for the same, you can reach out to our team through the chat option on the platform

Submit Payroll & Compliance Forms:

  • Next, you will be able to view the payroll and compliance forms specific to your country

  • Download, fill, and upload the forms

Add Details of Dependents for Insurance:

  • You must submit your dependents details.

  • This step will apply if your employer has issued dependent or family insurance to you.

Verification & Activation by Multiplier:

  • We will verify the bank account, KYC documents, and payroll and compliance forms submitted by you.

  • If the documents submitted are satisfactory and no additional documents are required, you will be successfully activated on the platform.

  • If the documents submitted are unsatisfactory or additional documents are required, our onboarding team will contact you.

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