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How to allot time off or leaves to employees?
How to allot time off or leaves to employees?
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  1. How are leaves allotted to employees?

Leaves are allotted to employees during the onboarding process as stipulated by the labor laws of the employee’s country.

In addition to the country-specific leaves, the employer can provide additional leaves such as sabbatical or bereavement leave to the employees as applicable.

You can add these leaves while onboarding an employee on the platform. Incase you have already onboarded the employee and want to add additional leaves for that employee, you can do so by adding leave entitlements on the Time Off module of the platform. This can be done any time even after the onboarding process.

Additional leaves can be added during onboarding. Follow the below steps to add leaves:

After filling in the eligibility, basic details, compensation, and insurance section of onboarding, you will land on the compliance section.

Step 1: You can add additional leaves by clicking on the “+Add/Edit leaves” button in the leave entitlement section.

Step 2: Fill in the number of additional days that you would like to give to the employee annually.

You can also add custom leave types and allot a certain number of days for the same.

Step 3: Once you have added the additional leaves, click on ‘Update Leaves’.

The additional leaves will reflect in the onboarding contract.

Another way of adding additional leaves is using the time off module. This can be done anytime, even after the onboarding is complete.

Follow these steps to add additional leaves:

Step 1: Click on the Time Off module from the left sidebar on the platform.

Step 2: Click on ‘Add Leave Entitlements’.

Step 3: Add the employee, the leave type, and the total additional leaves you want to add.

Step 4: Click on ‘Add Entitlement’

Step 5: The added leave entitlements will not be reversible. Hence, check and confirm by clicking on ‘Add Entitlement’.

2. How to provide compensatory time off to an employee?

You can add compensatory time off by adding a ‘leave entitlement’ on the platform in the ‘Time Off’ section.

Step 1: Click on ‘Add leave entitlement’.

Step 2: Select the employee, choose the leave type ‘Compensatory Leave’, and allot the number of days. Once done, click on ‘Add Entitlement’.

Step 3: Once added, these leave entitlements are not reversible. Hence check and confirm by clicking on the ‘Add Entitlement’ button.

3. What are unpaid time offs?

Unpaid time off (UTO) is time away from work that employees are allowed to take but for which they will not be compensated.

You can add unpaid leaves for an employee from the ‘Time Off’ module by clicking on ‘Add Time Off’ on the platform.

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