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How can employers approve expenses on Multiplier?
How can employers approve expenses on Multiplier?
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Expenses are approved by the employee’s manager on the Multiplier platform.

On the employee's joining date, the employer must add a manager & assign privileges as necessary. Follow the below steps to 'Add a Manager'.

Step 1: Click on ‘Settings’ under ‘Organization’ and select ‘Company Members’.

Step 2: Click on ‘Add a Manager’

Note: You can even assign an existing manager to the new employee by selecting the relevant manager from the list of managers previously added to the platform.

Step 3: Enter the manager’s email address and select the relevant employee from the list below. Once that’s done, go ahead & click on ‘Create Manager’.

Manager's platform -

The employee’s manager must then review & approve expenses from their platform. Please ensure that all expenses are approved before the cut-off date.

To approve expenses as an admin/manager, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to 'Expenses' under 'Administration' on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Admin/Manager will be able to see any pending expenses that need to be approved under the ‘Pending on me’ tab.

Note -

Under history, the admin/ manager can see the following:

  • --> Items approved by them

  • --> Items to be approved by any other manager/admin/super admin

Admins/ Managers can also add the expenses of the employee from their platform, in which case the expense will be auto-approved.

Once added or approved by managers, we will include this pay component in the payroll input & ensure the expense gets processed in the same month for employees who are on a monthly payroll cycle.


  • Multiplier will always process additional pay components, such as expenses and pay supplements, in the second pay cycle for employees who are on a semi-monthly payroll cycle.

  • If a manager has not been added for the employee, the expense must be approved by any of the admins. All the admins can view the expense under the 'Pending' tab on their platform.

  • In case the manager resigns and is deleted from the Multiplier platform, and an expense has already been sent for approval to them, then these expenses shall be assigned to the admin.

  • If the expense is sent to an admin for approval & a manager is added for that employee later on, those expenses will be sent to the new manager assigned to that employee for approval.

Can the expense reimbursement process be expedited?

No, the expense reimbursement process cannot be expedited. The expenses will be included in the subsequent payroll post manager/admin approval.

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