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How to access your employees' insurance information as an employer?
How to access your employees' insurance information as an employer?
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With Multiplier, you can add/issue insurance to an employee and their dependents (as applicable) during onboarding.

As an employer, you can access your employees’ insurance details once activated. To view the entire insurance information of the employees for whom you have added insurance while onboarding, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click on ‘Team’ on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Under the ‘Active’ tab, click on the employee whose insurance information you want to view.

Step 3: Navigate to the 'Insurance' tab.

Step 4: On this page, you will find the following information:

4.1: Insurance partner: An insurance partner is an entity that sets the terms and conditions for the coverage under the insurance agreement. In addition, the insurer is responsible for issuing policies and paying for claims.

4.2: Insurance broker: A broker is an intermediary between the insured party and the insurance company. The broker is the point of contact for the insured party for any claims processing and other insurance-related issues that may arise during the policy term.

4.3: Covers: Indicates the type of insurance plan the employee is covered under. For example - individual, individual + dependent, family insurance plan.

4.4: Policy number: A unique code connected to your insurance plan. The insurance company uses it to track and process insurance claims and healthcare costs.

4.5: Insurance duration: The duration for which the insurance is applicable.

4.6: Plan overview: The type of plan and guides to get started.

  • Step-by-step guide

The guide refers to a detailed handbook that consists of information that will help you sign up on the insurance provider platform(website/app). The guide also covers the steps you can follow to claim reimbursements.

  • Factsheet

A factsheet refers to a detailed document with information on the insurance services available to the insured person. You can find details on inpatient hospitalization, outpatient coverage, vision and dental services, accident and disability insurance, along with frequently asked questions about insurance.

4.7: Insurance Premium Contribution: This section displays how the cost is split between you and your company (percentage split of insurance costs by both parties).

Note -

  • The pricing calculation will be visible to you once the contract is activated. You will be able to see the pricing for dependents, including any age-band pricing (wherever applicable).

  • If the insurance contribution is split between the employer-employee, the split percentage and total amount will be available.

4.8: Enquiries and Emergency Contact: You can raise questions related to your insurance plan or reach out for assistance during an emergency situation. The contact details will be displayed here.


  • The insurance will be activated 7 to 8 days after the contract has been activated.

  • Once you issue the insurance to the employee, the insurance status will read as ‘new’. Our team will work in the backend with the insurance partner to initiate the insurance process, and during that stage, the status will read ‘Ongoing’.

  • Once the above process is complete, the insurance will be activated the status will read ‘Active’.

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