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How to approve/request changes to an employee timesheet?
How to approve/request changes to an employee timesheet?
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Managing employee timesheets on Multiplier is simple and intuitive. To approve/request changes to an employee timesheet, follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Click on “Timesheets” under the “Administration” section on the sidebar.

Step 2:

You can find all the pending employee timesheets under the ‘Pending’ tab and the approved timesheets under the ‘Approved’ tab.

Step 3:

To review a particular employee’s timesheet, click on the respective timesheet.

Step 4:

View the day-wise hours & total hours submitted by the employee in a calendar view. The calendar view will vary slightly depending on which country your employee is employed in.

For example:

  1. If your employee is based out of the Philippines, you can view a report based on different categorisation of hours (Regular hours, Overtime hours, Overtime in Night hours & Regular Night Shift hours).

  2. If your employee is based out of Philippines & is employed on a monthly/annual compensation structure, you will also be able to view the total ‘Late hours’.

  3. If your employee is based out of any other country, you can view the ‘Total Days Worked’, ‘Total Hours Worked’ and total hours by week under ‘This Week’.

Step 5:

Once reviewed, click on ‘Approve’ in the top right corner to approve your employee’s timesheet.

If you’d like to suggest changes, click on ‘Request Change’ on the top right corner.

Step 6:

Enter what the employee needs to change on the timesheet and the date on which the change needs to be made. Click on Submit Request’.

The timesheet will be sent to your employee, the employee can then incorporate the changes suggested. Once that’s done, the timesheet will be sent back to you for approval.

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