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How to access insurance information on the employee platform?
How to access insurance information on the employee platform?
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As an employee, you can access your health insurance details on the Multiplier platform by following the below steps.

Step 1: Log in using your credentials. On the home page, go to the 'Benefits' module at the bottom left and click on ‘Insurance’.

Step 2: View your health insurance information under ‘My Plan’.

Step 3: You can view your health insurance status in the top right corner.

3.1: New - Your company has issued insurance for you.

3.2: Ongoing - Your plan is in the processing stage and will be activated soon.

3.3: Active - Your health insurance plan is activated.

3.4: Ended - The validity of your health insurance plan has ended.

Step 4: On the insurance page, you will find all the information related to the insurance policy. The first section has the following details :

Insurance Partner: An insurer is an entity that sets the terms and conditions for the coverage under the insurance agreement. In addition, the insurer is responsible for issuing policies and paying for claims.

Insurance Broker: A broker is an intermediary between the insured and insurance companies. The broker is the point of contact for the insured party for any claims processing and other insurance-related issues that may arise during the policy term.

Policy Number: A unique code connected to your insurance plan. The insurance company uses it to track and process insurance claims and healthcare costs.

Covers: Indicates who is included under your insurance plan.

Insurance Duration: The duration for which the insurance is applicable.

4.1: Your plan overview - Shows the name of your plan and the basic features provided

4.2: Insured members - Displays the list of insured members under the plan, their relationship with you, Gender, Date of Birth, and Health ID.

4.3: Insurance premium contribution (applicable in selected countries only) - shows how the cost is split between you and your company (percentage split of insurance costs by both parties).

4.4: The section ‘For Enquiries and Emergency Contact’ can be accessed during an emergency.

4.5: You can raise questions related to your insurance plan or reach out for assistance. The contact details will be displayed here.

4.6: Under the ‘Downloads’ section, you can access:

  • Step by step guide

The step-by-step guide is a detailed handbook containing information to help you sign up on the insurance provider’s platform (website/app). Additionally, you can find the steps to follow for claiming reimbursements.

  • Factsheet

A factsheet is a detailed document with information on the insurance services available to the insured person. You can find details on inpatient hospitalization, outpatient coverage, vision and dental services, accident, and disability insurance, along with frequently asked insurance questions.

Insurance plan types:

There are three variations of insurance that Multiplier provides. You may be issued an insurance plan depending on your specific requirements.

Individual Insurance:

The individual plan will cover the employee (yourself) under the selected plan and consist of one Health ID.

Individual + Dependent Insurance:

Your company may opt for this plan when you want to include dependents such as spouse or children in your health insurance plan. The number of dependents added will depend on your requirement.

The Health ID for all the dependents will differ as each dependent will be covered under a different insurance plan. The premium amount of each dependent may also differ based on certain age-band criteria applicable in certain countries.

Family Insurance:

The Health ID for all the family members will remain the same, i.e, one Health ID for all the members covered under the family plan.

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