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Onboard your full-time employee under a Multiplier entity or your own entity
Onboard your full-time employee under a Multiplier entity or your own entity
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By bringing together multiple things in one place, technology can save you time on monotonous tasks. Managing international hiring is an extremely tedious, and time-consuming task. We built Multiplier to let HR focus on strategy and implementation, while we manage and automate the entire onboarding process for your employees and contractors.

Yes, you heard us right, hiring & onboarding is just a 5-step process with Multiplier.

Hiring and onboarding a full-time employee under Multiplier's entity

Multiplier will hire, onboard, and take care of your employee benefits in geographies where you don't have an entity too. With our upgraded platform experience, you will now be able to process this request and get your employees into the Multiplier platform on your own. Just feed in the below details of the employee:

  1. Eligibility

  2. Basic details about the employee and employment

  3. Compensation details (Annual CTC, additional bonuses, commission, etc.)

  4. Insurance (Attractive and homogenous insurance benefits based on the country of employment)

  5. Compliance (Providing you the flexibility to review, edit and update relevant clauses based on your organization's policies)

After you fill in all the above details in the Multiplier platform, you can now invite employee(s) to the Multiplier platform to update their documents. The document collection process and tracking statuses are completely transparent between the employee and the employer—upon completing this step, a legally compliant contract is generated.

Run Payroll & Benefits for employees under your own entity

The Multiplier process to onboard an international employee to run payroll and benefits also encompass the exact same steps as above.

Happy onboarding. Please feel free to reach to us on chat for any queries or concerns.

Onboarding a freelancer is equally simple and straightforward as onboarding an FTE. Get started with your association with a contractor the day you decide the scope of work and the budgets associated with the project.

Step 1: Fill in the general details about the contract (Scope of work, start date, etc.)

Step 2: Payment details (Like Monthly payment and the payment date)

Step 3: Add in additional clauses to the contract if needed.

Step 4: Compliance (Select the country of residence and generate a locally-complaint contract or upload your own contract)

Step 5: Go one step ahead and delight the freelancer with insurance benefits during his/her association with your company.

Fill in the required details, review the contract, accept and invite your freelancer to the Multiplier portal.

Chat with us for more concerns or queries.

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