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Can I provide health insurance via Multiplier?
Can I provide health insurance via Multiplier?

How to issue insurance and other benefits to your international team

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Issuing health insurance to your international team is very easy with Multiplier. We partnered with the best insurance providers in every country, and brought all of them onto our platform.

To view all our insurance packages for each country, go to, select a country & we will show you an overview of the packages we have available.

How do I issue insurance to my employees

When you onboard new employees, we will show a list of insurance packages for you to choose from. Just click on the desired package and confirm. We will take care of the rest. Your employee will receive the relevant insurance details once they get onboard.

I don't see any insurance package for a country

We are working hard to enable insurance coverage for all countries. We will notify you via email once we do. Don't worry, you can issue insurance to your employees who are already actively working with you. Just write to us at

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