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What is Multiplier's global employment platform?
What is Multiplier's global employment platform?

Overview of our platform

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We built our global employment platform to enable companies to hire anyone, anywhere within a few clicks. Global hiring can be quite complex, time-consuming & expensive. With Multiplier, you can hire & onboard employees compliantly, in any country in the world, without having to set-up any entities.

Why do I need this?

Hiring people in a different country comes with its own specific set of challenges. You need to setup entities, figure out local payroll compliance, taxes, international transfers, insurance providers etc. All of this, just to even hire a single employee.

We solve this challenge with our global employment platform. With Multiplier, you can simply invite your employee to signup with us, and we take care of the rest. You don't need to setup any entities, look into labor law compliance or any other aspect of hiring. With us, you can hire any number of employees, in any number of countries within a matter of days, as opposed to months with the traditional approaches.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, Multiplier platform connects to our proprietary local infrastructure in every country, and enables companies to hire anyone on top of that seamlessly.

We take care of local labor law compliance, payroll, taxes & any other statutory contributions for your employee, so you can focus on growing your business.

You will get access to all of this information via a web platform, so you can approve & keep track of compliance & payroll for all your international team in one place.

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